Welp... I think it's time I come clean. People wouldn't stop bothering me with questions, and I hope this will finally get you to leave me alone!

...So I had left quite a few experiments unattended, and I believe Jagger knew I would never let those eggs out of my sight unless I was working on something very important... Truth is, I was. And I didn't want anyone to know, but now I have to tell everyone because Jagger spread his suspicions to others and I couldn't have a lot of time to myself and my work without being continually pestered!

Anyhow, I've been doing some extensive research, hoping to finally find a way to get myself back to normal. I've managed to befriend one of these elusive golden imps called Lumen, and I've learned quite a lot from it! Lumen are ancient creatures, apparently close relatives of the Eleguards, which are known for their vast knowledge of many things and recording everything they know in written form such as books. Their knowledge just might help restore my former self!

The Lumen I've befriended seems to know what I want, as it wrote down what seems to be a way of getting the cure... I have been closely studying the scroll and its contents suggest that it's a potion recipe, but for the life of me I can't understand this chicken scratch of a handwritting!

You hear a swoosh... And soon, Korith appears before you and Crowley...


I believe I can help with that.

I have been observing the current happenings around the carnival ever since the discovery of Lumen... or rediscovery rather, as these creatures were only last seen several millennia ago... At least that's when I last saw them...

The scroll that this Lumen has recorded has been written in a script that not many can read. The beginning, however, was written in Eleglyph instead for some reason... As it seems, this Lumen is a fairly young one that first tried to write in Eleglyph only to switch to its native language. It does not matter much however, as most of the scroll is still indecipherable to the many who have not learned the Lumen script... Fortunately, I am familiar with the language.

Of course, there is still something you can do as well, and as a matter of fact I do need your help. Come visit me at the Grimhaven Graveyard to get further information.

(This event requires you to collect items from around the site and hand them into Korith to obtain rewards. At the end of the event, trophies will be given to the highest scorers! As for when the event ends, well, there's a mysterious progress bar... but who know's if that's it or not!)


Since its such a pain to get certain items *Glares at Jim and Chip for being stingy with their items* and the Lumeling you get is random I hope we will have time to get all of them.
Oblivion Flower
Thank you for the Easy Mode! Do we have the same chances to get an Uncommon or Soulless Puff anyway? Also, something mathematic on the site, yay! XD
these Lumelings are so cute :3
CF has been set to easy mode for the duration of the event.
Are you sure you don't want some Good Luck Charms?
' this chicken scratch of a handwritting!' and then korith appears O_O crowley, please XD

awesome, a way to get more golden eggs!
New game needs items also from Click Forrest, old game left me almost broke on Yellow bc :(.
For the rest looks nice to do
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