Help Guide - Collectibytes

The Basics

What is a Collectibyte?
Collectibytes are little images that act as stickers that you can place on your adoptables!

You can do this by clicking on the adoptable in your adoptable page that you want to edit, going to where it says "Click here to edit the collectibytes on this adoptable" and then choosing the set, the sticker and finally the positioning for the byte.

Some can be bought from the shop called Little Bytes. After purchasing one of the collectibyte packets from this shop, you have a cooldown for that exact packet of 1 hour or 45 minutes for Premiums.

There is also a lucky dip where you can get a random booster every 11 hours.

This is an example of an adoptable with a byte:

You can also place them on a Byte Sheet. This is an empty adoptable that you can use for trading. They cost 10 RBC each.


To remove a byte you go through the exact same process, you go to the adoptable page of the adoptable you want to remove the byte from, you go to where it says "Click here to edit the collectibytes on this adoptable" and then it will show you the current bytes on the adoptable with a cross next to it. You just click on the cross and that byte will be removed from the adoptable and will remain in your collectibyte collection.

Credit to Tati for the first Guide to Collectibytes and the Basics write-up.


The Byte That Never Happened


In the summer of 2011, there was a clicking event that was called the "Million Clickathon". This event, like the "Great Day of Click", was an organized attempt to have as many users as possible clicking in the CE as much as possible with a goal of 1,000,000 clicks at the end of the two days picked for it. A promo background byte was to be awarded to every user if the goal was met. Unfortunately, we failed to meet that goal and the byte was never released.

Hover over the Byte to see its name!

Promo Collectibyte Set

Rare Collectibytes


Uncommon Collectibytes

altazan_huitzilopochtli.png altazan_quetzalcoatl.png altazan_tezcatlipoca.png altazan_xipe-totec.png baconbits1.png baconbits2.png baconbits3.png

Common Collectibytes

kaboodle.png snow_foreground.png pearly_whites.png fleur_de_lion.png paint_can.png professors_glasses.png chefs_hat.png burger.pngherbalist_table.png

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