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"Hi, I'm Berry! I originally hail from Northlight, where I had my own food shop. But now the Carnival is my home. Master Riley was so kind to give me a job!"
Hello there, my name is Berry Magnificent! It's good that you came to help me out! With what, you're asking? Well, after I ended up on the Carnival I had no place to go, so Master Riley lets me live here in exchange for doing some work for him! I am eternally grateful, so I'll gladly help!

You see, he has a lot of critters in his menagerie, so my task is to make sure that they're well-fed! However, that isn't always easy to achieve since some critters are pretty picky about their food... However, if you help me out, you'll get rewarded too! So will you do it? Pleeeeeeease?

He tilts his head in anticipation

Oh right, you want to know what to do, right? In Quality Assurance, mixing berries is a little bit like science, so in order to help you create a great recipe that provides some balanced critter food, I've assigned some numbers to each type of berry. That should help you get the right mixture! I can provide you 2 berries at a time and you'll pick whichever one you think is most suited!

If you overshoot the target, I'll put you on a 10-minute break so you can clear your head and help me properly next time. And if you do it right, you have 1 hour of free time (although if you are a Premium user, you can also come back after 45 minutes), since the critters are well-fed, of course!

Berry smiles happily.
Rewards & Berry Values
Since so many friendly carnival people have helped me, I decided to write down the berry values for you to look up. Don't forget though, the recipe varies depending on whether we go for positive or negative targets!

His eyes are full of determination - he seems to feel certain that you're up to the task.

I promised I'd reward you if you do well, right? I have several eggs that the amazing Riley bestowed upon me, and you'll get a random one! After all, since you help me out all the time I know you can take proper care of my eggs! If you want to see what kinds of eggs you can win at my game, click here. All of them hatch at level 100, and I just know you can raise them well! Click on any of these to see what they can hatch into.

You could be wrong, but... is his tail wagging?

If the target value is a positive number, these are berry values:


If the target value is a negative number, these are the berry values:

Special Rewards
Sometimes, during special seasons or events, there are bonus prizes to be had! When such a time comes, you can win an adoptable in addition to the egg when you hit your target. So keep an eye out for these amazing opportunities!

(Original Guide written by Wheatley)
Last updated: Feb 02, 2018

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