Your Twisted Fairytales have come to a conclusion as the May 2018 monthlies have hatched! Were you already familiar with these stories or did you discover a new tale to share? But, let's hope that their grim endings are not contagious...

For June 2018, we're quite literally lightening the mood with some bright and flashy adoptables! This month's theme is Cyberspace, so expect some sleek and glowy critters headed your way! What sorts of virtual critters await? You'll find out in about a month, but don't forget to grab the new eggs over at the Freebies Tent for the time being!


Cyberspace monthlies. The Yugioh Vrains fan in me is squealing like mad(Vrains is card games in cyberspace so ye). May actually attempt a # this month
i bet this month will be as lovely as last month! the dark fairytales sure were an amazing theme ^^ and digital theme is refreshing! from ye olde tales, to new age digital stuff!
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Friday January 18 2019 3:46 pm
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