Looks like we were in for quite a trick, but the October 2018 monthlies have finally hatched. Did you enjoy your Cryptids? Surely these eggs must have been hard to guess. And how about that Wuri Adoptabit, isn't it just so perky and cheerful?

The theme for November 2018 however is anything but cheerful. What awaits the Carnival in this Dark Future? They've been through many turmoils, and our critters have not escaped unharmed... Brace yourselves when you enter the Freebies Tent, for some of their wounds may never heal.


I'm in love with that Wuri. Really like all of the hatches of October!
good work and amazing Job to all the Artist and Steen you all did awesome work
I really loved the theme and adoptables. Awesome job, everyone!
I love the October adopts! I'm really excited to see what November holds, sounds spooky and interesting. The Wuri Adoptabit is adorable
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Friday March 22 2019 9:44 pm
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