Experimental Egg (Failed)

Release Date: Jul 17, 2013

Favorite food: Treat
Handler value (GBC): 0
Artist: Ratshiu & Nagoshi
Number in existence (Top Level Medals): 0
Number in existence (Second Ed): 0
Number in existence (Total): 15851

I wonder what's in this?

Failed eggs contain critter experiments that didn't work out as Crowley intended. Has science gone too far?

How can I get this critter?

This critter is available

This critter is not tradable

Evolution information

Level 100

Top levels

11. Experimental Egg (Failed) (Level 880)
12. Failed (Level 871)
13. * (Level 839)
14. Frozen egg (Level 786)
15. Frz Failed (Level 763)
16. Frozen (Level 758)
17. Experimental Egg (Failed) (Level 733)
18. Experimental Egg (Failed) (Level 732)
19. Experimental Egg (Failed) (Level 732)
20. Experimental Egg (Failed) (Level 731)

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