Change your Username

Do you want to change your username? If you do, you can follow the instructions below. However, it will cost you 2,000 black bottlecaps.


  1. Make sure you have 2,000 black bottlecaps on your account
  2. Pick a username you would like to change to
  3. Visit[USERNAME YOU WANT HERE] and see if you get an error message. If you see a profile, that name is in use and you must pick another
  4. Send a PM to Cydewinder with the username you want to change to
  5. Wait up to 48 hours (these are processed manually)

If you request a name change and do not have the black BC in your account, you will be punished for wasting our time. Please ensure you follow these steps exactly before requesting a name change.

If you get a name change, we will add a field to your profile that shows your previous name so that people can still find you. This name change will NOT update the original trainer on your existing adoptables. There are no refunds.

Saturday August 15 2020 12:47 am
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