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Click Critters was created in September 2007 as nothing more than an interactive art gallery. Our first adoptables were put up in October, and every month since then we've added more and more to the site. Click Critters pioneered the now common practice of dynamic adoptable images that you can adopt, name and level up. Now we have 11231 different species of adoptables waiting to be collected, multiple games, our own Click Exchange, trades, a marketplace, our own plushies and a dedicated forum community! A lot has happened since we opened back in 2007, and we hope to continue releasing awesome new features for a good while yet!

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User stats
Users online in last week: 237
Users online in last month: 345
Users online in last year: 1,070
Adoptable stats
Total adoptables: 7,138,516
Total adoptable species: 11,231
Adoptables per species: 635.61
Adoptables per user: 6,671.51
Total bottlecaps
66,300,839 5,697,510 942,570 38,326 1,247,508 2,117,372

Highest amount owned by one user (per bottlecap)
2,644,666 360,215 76,467 1,862 152,878 406,968

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