Freedom Forest

Hey there, I'm Jagger the Freedom Fighter. I'm running an operation in this forest designed to liberate as many innocent adoptables as I can from Crowley's Laboratory. He is conducting terrible experiments on normal critters, and it's just not right. He's trying to combine adoptables with the elements, combine adoptables with each other, and who knows what else! I've got a secret way into his laboratory which lets me take a few eggs at a time. Whenever I can obtain some eggs, I'll hide them in secret locations in this forest, so keep checking!

If you get an egg, you'll need to nurture it so it hatches. I can't guarantee that what hatches will be cute and cuddly, but I can guarantee that the critter will be glad to be in your ownership rather than the laboratory!

Are you ready to search the Forest?

Alternatively... perhaps you are here for a more philanthropic purpose? You see, the equipment I use to get in and out of Crowley's lab isn't cheap. If you were to help me out financially, I could maybe do you a favour! What do you say?

Do you want to donate to the cause?

Tuesday August 11 2020 5:32 pm
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