Long-Lost Laboratory

So, you've found your way to my not-so-secret laboratory. That rascal Jagger has been stealing my experiments and just giving them away! Doesn't he understand the potential value of what is contained in those eggs? If I could just find the right combination.... the right mixture.... I could finally achieve what I've been after for so long! It's so close, I've almost grasped it, and every single egg that is taken from me could potentially set me right back to the start!

Have you been taking any of the eggs Jagger has stolen? I know that I've been harsh on you in the past, but if you were to return the critters to me I could be persuaded to let you in on one of my other experiments. You see, I've been doing some research into Ramsat and have found a foolproof way to obtain a very specific species of Uchi! I can share them with you if you'll just return my experiments to me!

What do you want to do?

Return an experiment

Purchase Uchi
(Requires trusted status with Crowley)

Fuse Uchi

Help Outcast Skyrant
(Requires trusted status with Crowley)

Show a Skyrant

Assist with Traptor Research

Ask about Prawns

Time Travel Research

# of favours Crowley owes you: 0
Current reputation with Crowley:
Jagger's Accomplice

Wednesday July 15 2020 9:50 am
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