Impyr (Snowflake Obsidian)

Release Date: Feb 15, 2017

Favorite food: Biscuits
Handler value (GBC): 0
Number left to stock: 2
Artist: Hunter
Number in existence (Top Level Medals): 0
Number in existence (Second Ed): 0
Number in existence (Total): 31

A friend of the lonely, the Impyr go to those who need them most. Since they are rather shy creatures, most people don't notice them around at first.

How can I get this critter?

This critter has retired

This critter stocks in Cash Shop and costs 300

This critter is tradable: Search the Trade Station or Marketplace

You can hatch this critter from a Golden Egg

Top levels

11. Impyr (Snowflake Obsidian) (Level 16)
12. Impyr (Snowflake Obsidian) (Level 16)
13. Impyr (Snowflake Obsidian) (Level 14)
14. Impyr (Snowflake Obsidian) (Level 13)
15. Impyr (Snowflake Obsidian) (Level 11)
16. Soothing Soul (Level 10)
17. Impyr (Snowflake Obsidian) (Level 10)
18. Impyr (Snowflake Obsidian) (Level 9)
19. Impyr (Snowflake Obsidian) (Level 9)
20. Impyr (Snowflake Obsidian) (Level 8)

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