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The Seventh Day of Click was on Saturday, August 5th!

You all voted, and there was a clear winner; August 5th will be our Seventh Day of Click.

How do I participate? Use the Click Exchange! That's all there is to it. Choose a monthly you're hoping to get a # medal on, catch up on your QA or FF eggs, or take anything else, and just click away. If you haven't CEed in a while (like me), there's no better day to get back in it. Encourage others to click, too!

Here's some history that's been copy/pasted through every topic about this over the years.

Quote: PP normally gets 200,000 hits. Yesterday, we got 524,000.The Click Exchange normally gets 100,000 clicks. Yesterday it got 365,742.

Quote: In 2011, we got approximately 574,459 clicks. The event was hugely popular.

Quote: 2012's Day of Click got approximately 200,000 clicks.

Quote: Collectively we clicked an EPIC 463,000 times!

Quote: Woah! What an amazing day that was! Collectively we clicked 467,147 times! We beat last year's number and put in a monumental effort!

Quote: And speaking of Click Exchange, here's the GDoC wrap-up. 106 users clicked enough to hit the counter at 250 at least once and win a byte or pouch!
Total amount of clicks done: 215584

Quote: Total Clicks made: 515320
Total Crystal eggs unlocked: 5
Total Bonus Hours unlocked: 102

Get ready!

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Posted July 4 2017, 3:50 pm
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