The festive themed December monthlies have hatched, and the new set of monthlies for January have been added. It seems like each of these critters has made a new years resolution which it intends to keep!

In case you're looking for a new year challenge, the Cypress has been added. This adoptable is [_____]'s reward for getting a Gift From Cyde to level 1,000,000. [_____] asked for this adoptable to be added as a reward for anyone who does 1,000,000 clicks in the Click Exchange. These clicks can be on any adoptable, and you can visit your statistics to see how you're going (and claim your Cypress when you hit the target!). Cypress are untradable, don't appear in Golden Eggs, and limited to one per user. They are also achievement adoptables, so do not count towards the collection. Happy clicking!


Only one each? And I guess they aren't #ed. Still love it though!
The monthlies are all awesome! I wonder what the new ones wil become. :3
The Cypress is cool too! That's a lot of clicks, though. x3
Click Exchange is to much time wasting. But the adopt is cute :)
So happy about the monthlies hatching, got some birthday #medals!!

I was wondering when [___]'s second custom would be released!
Doubt I'll get one anytime soon, with 55k clicks XD

i'd have loved some more monthlies, but i'll let fate decide what one i'll ce this month! ^^

but the cypress adopt is fun! it's a cat critter named after a tree ^^ or combining 'cyde' and 'impress' ^^
well, it's a fun goal! good to see that they're also untradable! i hope to see more achievement adopts like these <3
Thank you :3
Everything is awesome! *hums LEGO song*
Thank you!!! :D
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Thursday May 24 2018 6:09 pm
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