The CE prizes have been given a bit of an overhaul. The Kiro are now available in the shops, and the original Screem and Byuri have been retired. They have been replaced with the new Frigid Screem, a set of byte toppings from the Screem, and the Sludgeron. The Sludgeron also have a legion with the Rainbow Sludgeron as a reward - this will take a lot of clicks or trading to achieve!


In case you haven't seen it, we've also made 3d printed maruchi figures available for purchase. You can find all the information in this forum thread!


It's really cool to see new adopts for the CE. :) They all look great!
it would be better if there was, like, a cheap and common 500 click adopt that has way too many variants... give us constant cheap thrills, i'll make it myself if i hafta, i sent you guys my resume and everything
Wait a minute... The Kiros cost 100 GBC? Would anyone actually buy them from the shops at that price?
I'm a little sad but that's only because I've been armying one of the adopts that just retired.
I do wish there was a heads up in advance of the Screem and Byuri retiring, but I do love the new additions! :> Gotta love that Blue Raspberry Screem! *q*
Awww yiss I was hoping there'd be something special for the sludge beasts, they're soooo pretty <3 And those Screems just look so delicious. XD
I love these adorable new adoptables! I might even make my own little mini army of the Sludgeron (Rainbow). <3
i really like the frigid screem ^^ the colors are great, and the bites just go along so well with it!
though the sludgeron are nice, i prefer scales instead of fur XD you know me ^^ but they all have an interesting way to show the color!

aaah, and a 3d printed maruchi <3 they look cute! *also silently hoping for a 3d printed frizzard or skelwing 030*
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Tuesday May 22 2018 8:31 pm
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