The Official Contests section of the site has been dramatically overhauled. Due to low participation, art and literature contests have been discontinued. Instead, a streamlined set of contests that were getting a good amount of entries have been automated.

You can now find the contests under the games menu. Here you will see all current contests, and be able to enter them. The contests automatically start and end each week, with prizes given when they end.

There will be a weekly CE contest starting on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of each month. The Puff and QA hunts will each be a week long and alternate, with a puff hunt on the 8th and 22nd, and a QA hunt on the 1st and 15th. The Freedom Forest hunt will always last a month, and run from the 1st to the 28th.

The new contests system also has real time leaderboards so you can see exactly how you are placed and how much further you have to go until you get the top prize!

This is far more contests than there used to be, so if you have any ideas for new things you want to spend contest points on, go ahead and make a suggestion in the comments or the forums, and we'll look at them all!


i love how the contests are going now but i do feel that the freedom forest contest is a bit long, might be better if it were cut down to 2 weeks maybe? at this point it has run for just over 2 weeks and we have 62 qualified entries
I like this way for contests better.
At least there's still a possible coloring contest and a chance for my GA Lyrun contest ;D
Aw, I liked participating in the art contests when I had the time.
But yeah, I am guilty of not getting a lot of participation in.
It's cool that there's automated contests now, though.
Aw, wish art contests were more active )=
Are there going to be general adopt hunts or real-time army competitions?
I am kinda sad to see I make this drop like this ..
Colouring contests and GA will still happen from time to time!
ChibiNinja: If you're referring to GA adopts, I believe the contests giving them will still happen. Cyde's readme mentions so :)
No more art contests? As in, no more coloring contests? That's sad, I thought the color a base ones were one of the few that did well...although I guess that's not the same as other art contests. So what happens with the art bunnies, then?
Must...find time for contests...!
Yay I am gald to see this live now <3
Sad that the art and literature contests are gone. Those were the main ones I was interested in, I just usually didn't have time to enter them. But, I'm sure this will be better for those who are interested in the CE/Hunt contests.
Sad to hear the literature contests will be gone, especially if it includes the poetry contests because I really enjoyed those the most.
Sad about the art contests too. But, I understand. I've had less time available to enter them and imagine that other people have had that problem as well.
Sad to see art contests go, but I guess it's for the best since very few participated anyways...
So nice to see the more common contests have been automated though! I guess that means less workload for those who organize contests :)
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Monday April 23 2018 2:27 pm
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