Hey guys! It's Jim! You've all been helping me so much as we prepare for our application to Shark Bowl! Remember that applications close on January 7th, so if we can all just do one last big push we will be able to put our best plants forward! Remember there are trophies up for grabs, so make sure to keep going right to the end!

Also, a couple of us around the carnival are starting to get worried about Crowley. He's even more reclusive than normal, and doesn't look like he's been getting much sleep. Have you noticed anything odd about him recently?


Oblivion Flower
Will the Legions retire at the same time, too, or we will have some more time? Thanks!
It will end at 11:59 pm on the 7th of January
Just wanted to clarify, does the event end Jan. 6th, 11:59 p.m., CC time?
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Tuesday May 22 2018 8:30 pm
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