The Zan Council are curious about the Traptors we've all been raising these last few days. They are especially interested in how the Traptors respond to liquids, and they want to explore this themselves.

The Council has set up a contest to see who can bring them the most Traptors. You can find out more at the Dinomon Drive. They will specify a colour they want you to bring to them, and then accept any adoptable of that colour. You will still receive the same trade-in benefits as at the GBC exchange (evolution items and GBC).

Tribes will be competing against each other, with the winning tribes getting a special pre-release Zan Lythesaur with a special medal! So get hatching, stock up on smoothies to change colours, and help the Council out!


i got to love the lythesaurs! ^^
and, the event is motivating to hatch traptors and hoard smoothies as well~ so it's really a good way to get the traptor fun rolling!
Those Lythesaur are adorable~
Is turning one in the only way to change what color they want? Because I'm not participating if that's the case. The first one I've been asked for is one I want to army.
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Monday April 23 2018 2:14 pm
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