Mysterious statue pieces have started to be discovered around the carnival. If you manage to collect them all (or trade for them!) you'll be able to assemble them into the Engigon Guardian Statue!

If you power it up with enough levels, your guardian will take on one of its alternate forms. Collect them all in the new legion, to unlock the ultimate Mythical form!


there's a topic in the forums where you can discuss where you've found the pieces and what forms you got!

good luck everyone in getting them! ^^
The Engigon Guardian looks so cool! I love all the different markings on them. :3 My favorite would be the Mystery Mode (for obvious reasons xD)! The event is interesting too!
Ooh, this is nice! Pieces seem very rare though >n
I saw them in the Click Exchange. Can we find them anywhere else?
Pieces are available now! Good luck!
When do the pieces start showing up?
Looks like fun! Though I'm confused XD
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Sunday June 17 2018 9:12 pm
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