Get ready to be pounced in the Click Exchange, as the Tiger Cylin is on the prowl! Do you have what it takes to hunt down this big kitty?

Wanna hunt the new Cylin and need something to click? Look no further than the Freedom Forest, where the Valenfae is now found in Species eggs. 'tis the season, apparently!


i like the cylin! after a leopard and a lion, it's fun to have a tiger cylin! ^^

and i recall these experiments! the timing is right, since valentine is just around the corner! i bet celeste will like the fact they're released at this time too ^^
That Tiger Cylin is cute!! :3
The Valenfae are nice too. ^-^
Both really cute adopts! Wish to get one Tiger fast :)
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Sunday June 17 2018 9:11 pm
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