The Council is once again in need of your help! Come and see us to learn about our current plight.

The Altazan ruins are being affected by the overwhelming emotions associated with Valentines, and as a result a new species known as the Halosh are trapped in the Altazan Rift.

Your task is to collect heart pieces from Tribal Tracking and Sammy in Altazan, then match them with other users by going to their profiles. When you make a match, you will both collect some heart energy, which can be used to buy new tradable buff items and also to enter the Rift and track down a Halosh of your own!

Good luck, and happy Valentines!


I hope the halosh's will be tradeable, I am just too busy with life to be able to Finnish this event ^^'
I think this is a neat event, it doesn't take a lot to get heart pieces and we don't have to spend bottlecaps so everyone has a pretty fair chance if they put some effort into it. The Halosh are pretty awesome too.
Yes nonobadkitty :)
This is a great event. More teamwork!
When I click on a profile to match a heart piece, does the person I click on get a heart too?
I would call this Halloween Valentines
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Monday April 23 2018 2:17 pm
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