The Dinomon Drive has ended. It was a phenomenal effort from everyone with many Traptor hatched and many smoothies consumed! At the end of the day the Cursed tribe came out on top, followed by Volcano and then Forest. Congratulations to everyone!

Prizes have now been awarded. The winning tribes have received a Zan Lythesaur for everyone who got 5 points or more. These have special medals to denote they were from this event. Additionally the top three contributors in each tribe received a premium stars adoptable. The Zan Lythesaur are now available to everyone from the seething eggs!


Now I know how to level Traptors now XD so successful event! And congrats to the top 3 tribes! Good Job everyone who played!
I think it was also a good way to make people learn how the traptor mechanics work. Now that I understand it better, I'm a lot more likely to finish this collection.
I have so many baby bottles now. :D
It was definitely a fun event and a really good way to put use to those common coloured smoothies <3
I didn't participate because the Zan wanted me to give up an army color with no way to change it.
the event was fun! ^^ first time ever i really had put a ton of effort into a team related event (compared to other team events XD) ^^
Nice, Cursed won! Too bad I hadn't contributed anything though and as a result didn't win one of the Lythesaurs. Too lazy to CE traptors :(
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Thursday May 24 2018 6:13 pm
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