It's time to get your ticket numbers ready, because another prize drawing is here!

The first prize is a Cash Shop adoptable of your choosing (only currently stocked ones, however). These go to #4922, #6523, #1159, and #5316.


#5833 wins an Eevee pin. Remember, Sylveon, Flareon, and Vaporeon are all gone; Eevee is now gone as well.


#9134, #6907, and #10079 all win Magical Premium Stars! Not too shabby!


Finally, #1552, #446, and #7286 all win one thousand Easter Eggs. Bombard whoever you like with your colorful yolky might, but don't throw them at other people (though that might explain the random eggs people find here)!

Remember, if you don't claim your prize by PMing Cydewinder within 24 hours, it will be added to the next prize draw! In any case, keep searching for those plastic eggs!


Xena give some of your luck. XD
Oh dear - won again for the third time...wooohoooo!
Congrats to everyone that has won something so far! ^^
I was close this time. I had #5317 and #5319. Aaand I also had #5853. xD
I have 6906 and 6909, so close yet so far ;~;
22 away from wining a Ca$hie. That's the closest I've gotten. Or will get for that matter cause I'm never gonna win anything. XD
I can't believe I actually won something! XD
I had some close numbers this time x3 Congrats to the winners!
No prize this time either ^^ Congratulations to all the winners :D
Congrats to all winners :)
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Wednesday June 20 2018 5:48 am
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