Look at these pastel-colored Traptors! They look a little different, don't they? That's because they are from the new four smoothies available at Traptop's shop! However, they're also going to be available in the Easter Shop (once that's up!), meaning you don't have to push and shove to get a pastel smoothie!

That's part of the fun though! Really, it is!


YES! I love these colors :DDD
I like the colours, but it's a little odd that the smoothies are named after pastels and not flavours. XD
These colors are amazing! I love pastel colors! ^-^
I'm still not caught up on the Legions, but it's still nice to see these x3
Nice idea to add it to the Easter shop !
They're so pretty!
I love these colors!
New colors appear to soon ;p but maybe some day I will have all of them :)
Oblivion Flower
LOL right when I was trying to catch up with non-Division Dinomons... Work never ends, does it? XD Really cute colours, thanks! =3
I wonder what would be the flavor... Unless the smoothies taste like actual pastels XD
My fault. I wanted more dinobirbs. XD
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Thursday May 24 2018 6:11 pm
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