There are four brand new free layouts available for you to select and use. These are themed around the traptors and the four dinomon divisions. If you've been on the site long enough, you might even recognise elements of the super old Dinomon layout we used to have! You can select these from your preferences.

You might also have noticed the rainbow pooping unicorn. This was selected by Gwiazdeczka as their reward for getting one of the Gift from Cyde's to level 1,000,000! It can be found in the CE on Tuesdays, but is super rare. If you're lucky enough to get one, it can use it's magic to occasionally double your CE prize! Imagine getting lucky enough to get a double war shark!


I love the new layouts :3 and the unicorn is awesome!
Ooh grats, Gwia! Posie loves the rainbow pooping unicorn! Tuesdays are definitely CE days for us now!
they layout is amazing! X3 the tribute to the old layout and putting it in a new coat with the traptor is really cool! old meets new~

and oh gosh, that unicorn XD gwia, you are amazing! and cyde, you're amazing for drawing it!
The new layouts are awesome!
That's amazing! Thank you Gwia and Cyde.
Yay for new layouts! Also, congrats to Gwia~!
I just managed to find the Flyffables layout with a Google search but not the Dinomon one.
I don't seem to remember the old Dinomon layout. But I remember Dinomon and Flyffables had their own sites.
Thank you Quilly :)
Great work on the layouts, both of you! As well as another masterpiece.
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Tuesday April 24 2018 3:38 am
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