It's here! The Easter Shop is here! Spend your Easter Eggs on prizes like the new pastel smoothies, Easter 2017 adopts you may have missed, or even Golden Eggs! That's not all, but it's a fair taste of what you can expect!

On a related note, raffle prizes have been given out, including five lucky winners of five Crystal Eggs! Other prizes include Magical Premium Stars, Golden Eggs, and random buffs!

Hopefully you all enjoyed this years' Easter event! Maybe next year we won't have to worry about Silver being kidnapped as well!


a dose of rose
Clicking was a very efficient method for Easter Eggs and Plastic Eggs. I hope this will be the case next year. Thank you for cheering me up with your awesome event!
Oblivion Flower
I loved this year's event!!! It was longer than usual, eggs spawned much more frequently in the CE (or was I just luckier?), many things to do with a different focus, from riddles (yay!!!) to egg spamming to raffles, allowing almost everyone to find something to be interested in and suited for him/her. I really, really liked the plastic egg mechanism, it would be lovely to have something similar during the whole year, too (maybe monthly?). So a huge THANK YOU to Cyde and Steen! Annnd last, but not least, a huge THANK YOU to the artists, all the adopts were awesome - kitten managed to create two species I instantly loved!!
billions of golden eggs came in today XD thanks so much!
also im excited for these adopt shops :D thanks!
Thanks for the easter event Steen and Cyde. <3 Wish I could have been on during Alice's event to get those cute otters. *. * A tad sad they aren't in the easter shop, but not surprised. I'll get a set eventually. =3 And thanks for the raffles, it was fun! I won a lot more than I expected to. =)
This was fun, thank you so much!
I have so many GEs. It's almost like the Lumen event all over again. XD Also, I won 3 Premium Stars from the raffle! I'll have to decide when to use those. I had used my stars from the Advent contest specifically for the Easter event. (easier page loading for me)
I know, but I can try :)
albert, the medal does disappear after the ge hatches ^^'
I like the 2017 easter egg medal by the Golden Egg, hopefully it stays after hatching and don't dissapairs like the Cyde medal after the Trollden Egg becomes an Golden Egg.
Thanks for this! ^-^

I really enjoyed the Easter event this year and I hope everyone else did too! :D
:D :D :D Thank you!!!! :D :D :D
Thanks for this amazing event! Those Dino in Space are incredibly cute! Really nice work with those Kitten :)
space dino's! 8D
and thanks for the raffle! it was awesome! i hope people are happy with what they got!
and to those who didn't won something, know that there will always be another time!
hopefully you all enjoyed easter! ^^

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Tuesday April 24 2018 3:39 am
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