Hi folks!

I'm Cherry, the otterly enthusiastic Aquott, and I will be your guide to Extreme Clicking starting from today! Worry not, none of your beloved prizes have been removed, I'm just here for some extra motivation! Though who's to say, I just might add some otter fun ideas to keep you clicking in the future...

Together we can do our best and raise the levels high! I'm looking forward to seeing you all do your best over in the Click Exchange. Every click counts, so start your workout today!

Speaking of motivation, I'm told Jagger has a great incentive that'll keep you coming back for clicks. You just otter do it to hatch these Flame Scarox, that are now available from Elemental Eggs he hid over at the Freedom Forest. A game of hide-and-seek just before your workout? Oh boy, that sounds suuuuper fun!

I otter say, since we're already talking about super fun clicks, if you didn't cast your vote for the Great Day of Click 2017 yet, you can still do so here. Unfamiliar with what the GDoC even is? You'll find the basics there as well. Now's your chance to score a date that's best for your summer plans! Let's go for a record this year for sure! I believe in you all!


Such an adorable NPC. I hope we get an adopt of her.
cele, i only noticed that when you said that O_O it's a bit weird with the inner ear to me.
Oblivion Flower
I agree with cele, it's always nice to have new NPCs! Now I just need to remember she's not called Nadine... She seems so fun, exactly as an exhalted trainer! =3
Really cute NPC design! c: Nice to have more characters in the CC world!

((from an art standpoint though I'm curious why she only has colored lineart from specific areas while everything else is black like her left inner ear, it's like that in all her artwork?))
Thanks for the GDOC shout-out! :)
Haha the NPC looks so funny, nice addition to the team! Welcome in Cherry :D
I like the new EC page and NPC! :) The Flame Scarox are cool too!
i LOVE those experiments! ^^ they're nice! :3
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Thursday May 24 2018 6:17 pm
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