The 2017 Great Day of Click is finally here! If you're not familiar with this classic holiday event, then you can catch up on the history in this forum thread.

This year, you can earn a Miako for every 150 clicks you complete. Additionally, we have community prizes up for grabs! Every 100,000 clicks you do as a community will result in one Crystal Egg being given to a random user, and every 10,000 clicks will earn two more hours of slot bonuses after today ends!

What? Slot bonuses? Did we forget to mention that there are two extra slot rows, and a chance at even more, as well as permanent shark hour, double credits and power hour! Today's going to be great! Let's see if we can beat last year's number!


Woo clicking time <3
It's the same artist as the Meeps, isn't it?
Favorite day of the year <3
Yay, awesome! :D
I LOVE the Miako! They're so adorable. <3
And you get to enjoy the release of a fan-favourite GA Cylin set! The adorable Sludgeron Cylin are out and here to stay <3
those critters are so nice 030

and those are great motivations to ce more! 8D
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Wednesday July 18 2018 10:39 pm
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