Everyone knows that sharing is caring, so we present to you an opportunity to take part in the wedding joy that our Head Admins got to experience. To commemorate the occasion, we've had some artists work on a special little something... Can you guess what you might find in these boosters? First one's on the house, and if you're eager for more, you can stock up over at the Prize Store. These will retire in a month so get them while they're chillin' over there!

And speaking of sharing and caring, if this information was lost on you in the buzz of the Great Day of Click, the Sludgeron Cylin, a user-favourite set from the GA competition, has been added to the Click Exchange. Unlike the Miako, they're here to stay, but why not do the two birds one stone thing and make use of all the extra slots to score one?


Oh my gosh, thank you! We all get wedding favors!
They're here! *sobs*
Congrats to Steen and Cyde! And thanks for making the collectibytes so cheap, so everyone can buy them.
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Wednesday July 18 2018 10:34 pm
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