The Great Day of Click 2017 has wrapped up! Without further blathering, let's list all the good stats and results you're after!

Total Clicks made: 515320
Total Crystal eggs unlocked: 5
Total Bonus Hours unlocked: 102

The winners of the Crystal Eggs are: FireRose, Xid, Aryil, Avenara, Leoniecute - congratz!

The additional bonus hours will keep the slot madness active until: 6am on the 10th of August (server time)

Cheers everyone, I reckon this was definitely a success!


late to say this, but anyway, congrats to the winners of the crystal eggs! ^^

and my gosh, that sure is a looot of clicks we all did there! congrats to everyone! you all really did well! ^^
Isn't that a record?

Congrats all, so annoyed I couldn't help D:
Congrats on an awesome day, everyone! Thanks for making this event a huge success yet again!
Haha that's a team work! 515k ! Congratulations to the winners of Crystal Eggs :)
a dose of rose
Good work everyone!
Oh my GOSH! I actually won something? *dances around* Yay! Thank you so much!
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Sunday July 22 2018 5:57 am
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