There's been strange spills of colour around the carnival, and if one were to follow the tracks, they would lead to a nefarious squirrel's lair... On first glance you might expect he tried to harness the Inkkitt for something, but no, it appears the fiend has been experimenting with non-inky creatures instead! These poor Desaturated Lynxia might not be his only victims... Jagger is quite furious and calling for your help over at the Freedom Forest. Won't you give these poor washed-out critters a new home?

And what's that, skittering across the ground quickly? Looks like it might be the Bearded Dragon Kiro, the newest addition to our Lost and Found. Watch that you don't step on that long tail!


If I get that Kiro, I'm naming it Leeroy XD
nice to see some new experiments!

and great, the first lizard kiro ever is released! ^^
Very cute experiments! Nice Kiro too! I like the adopts. <3
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Wednesday July 18 2018 10:37 pm
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