Hello everyone.

I have decided to settle down in the carnival for good. I have seen how you all were able to help to give the Gem Minions a new home, and it made me see the best of every person here. You gave them a second chance, no matter what they had done before. You didn’t judge them by the bad things they once had done. That is what I like to see.

So it is why I wish to help more critters find new homes. The Lost and Found seems to be the place where I can do this. As long as there are people like you all out there, every critter, be they big, or small, good or bad, Cute or not, will be getting a second chance. A brand new start!


Yay, Alder! X3 Always good to have new NPCs!

(One minor thing though; Alder's image on the page has pushed it down so I can't easily see the Kiro/Zaeris notices, is that fixable?)
a dose of rose
Welcome, Alder <3
Ahh! Okay, got it now! LOL Thank you! :D
xander, it's not an event ^^ just a new npc that decided to host the lost and found~
Will this be random or will it have a notice like the Kiro and Zaeris when they're in the Lost and Found?

And thank you!
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Sunday June 17 2018 9:07 pm
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