The August 2017 monthlies have hatched. Was your cave exploration successful, or did you have to turn tail and leave potential treasures behind? You'll have met all kinds of creatures strange and wonderful, so hopefully you made some unique friends that'll share a permanent home with you.

For September 2017 - how could it be any different - we're throwing a biiiig party, and all the NPCs are invited! In fact, our theme just as well might be called NPCelebrations (which sounds way cooler than the working title) at this rate, because it's Click Critters' 10th birthday! A decade worth in pixels, and many memories to be shared with the current Carnival residents, for sure. From our oldest NPC Silver the Kua, to the newest addtions of Cherry and Alder, whom might you come across this month? Head on over to the Freebies Tent and stock up on party favours along the way. There's no telling what might happen this month!

Stay tuned for cashies and premiums to be released by DJ Boots tomorrow~


Yay :D Happy 10th year!! ^^ It's been awesome to follow the development of the site, and I look forward to keep following it! :D
a happy 10 years of cc to everyone! <3
Happy 10th years :)
Thank you and :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D
i love the npcs aaaaa
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Wednesday July 18 2018 10:17 pm
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