What do you all think of these Miniature Feral Baine? They're the newest resident of the Cash Shop, so if you're looking for something new to level up from said Shop, look no further!

Also of interest might be these stellar-looking Kyu Kyu! There's one for several phases of the moon! You can obtain these lil' guys over in the Premium Shop!


This is late, but I love The Kyus!
The Baines are also beautiful.
These are so cute! <3 I'd totally buy a Baine if I wasn't saving my $BC right now, but at least I can buy a Kyu Kyu! ^-^ I like them!
Oooh! These are beautiful.
Really well done Phantom and Somnus.
Phantom, you know me, I am the baine to anyone's pun-free life. A royal baine in the behind even. But kyute puns are fine too.
somnus, i really, but really, LOVE the baine's! they're adorable <3 i'm going to get a few myself!

kijaaaa, the puuun XD
So Kyuuuute
I simply love the Baine! :o I hope I can manage to buy them at some point! I also like the Kyu Kyu ^^ They look cute :D Well done both Somnus and Phantom :D
a dose of rose
So many stellar adoptables! I want to eat them all.
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Sunday June 17 2018 9:07 pm
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