There's something odd going on wtih the Kiro around the carnival. They are all trying to become Dinomon! Some of them have even made cute little Dinomon costumes!

Until September 30th you can find these Kiro in the Lost and Found. Some of them can be placed in the Lost and Found by buying them a onesie (see the Lost and Found page). Some will only go to the Lost and Found if you click enough in the Click Exchange, and the remaining Kiro seem to be fascinated with dirt - if Jim finds them he'll put them in the Lost and Found!

There's 20 to collect. Who will collect the most?


These are so cute! :)
Are there trophys for top donator?
I love how colorful they are! :D Really cute and well done!!
Oblivion Flower
I really, really like the idea behind these adoptables. And they're so colorful! Nice! I'm not a fan of this way of distributing (the chance most of them go to the same users is too high), but I like we have a lot of time.
I haven't seen anyone mention it, but just so it's clear - if you get the X,000th click in the CE, you get given one Kiro, and three get put in the L&F. This is a change from the Oxry event, so it does pay to actually get the X,000th click rather than stopping at X,990 and going to wait in the L&F!
Wah their little Onesies are so cute!!!
aww yeah! happy to see them here! really hoping that people enjoyed seeing them (most of them) being made during the streams~happy collecting!
(maybe also a nice time for the l&f notification to be from alder like someone said in the cb?)
Looks like the Jim dropping kiro thing recycled code from the cherry oxry drops and somebody forgot to change the bit of code that determines which account the adopts show up on once they go to the pound
I actually swear, if this gives Copy Cats I'll cry :3
a dose of rose
Carnodons are listed in Cherry's adoptables instead of Jim's, is this intentional?
a dose of rose
Terasaur, Skyrant, Traptor: Donation
Silosaur: CE
Carnodon: Jim
I think?
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Sunday June 17 2018 9:06 pm
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