Looks like some of the meteorites that were previously observed by our NPCs have left some chunks falling on the carnival. Sparkly chunks!

Berry's keeping a safe distance for some reason, but everyone else is super excited about collecting them. What mystical properties might these space rocks hold?


a dose of rose
Cyde was selling 2 of these for 50 GBC in his item shop. It has no flavor text or anything else on its page, but Cyde said it's OP. It's under Magic category of items.
("Kija pls add flavor text" -Cyde, paraphrased)

Check out this controversial adoptable too:
sounds exciting! just hoping I can catch up after I'm back from new York if this starts during my stay.
Maybe Berry knows they're dangerous?
OOooh :o when will there be more news of this?
Interesting... Always excited for a new event!
Amelia had this fitting fortune for me: "A small cylin will run past you shouting,"Wishes do come true!" "
Hmmm, I think I'll let my Kiro (Astronaut) pick those up since it's already wearing a radiation-protective suit! :P LOL!!! Ty!!!
I wonder how we'll collect these XD I waaaaaant
I am super excited!! :D
Exciiiiting, I am excited"!
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Sunday July 22 2018 5:57 am
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