The September 2017 monthlies have hatched. Did you get the NPC you were hoping for, or was there something unexpected amidst your eggs? We hope this month got you all fired up for the birthday celebration! 10 years is quite a time to look back to!

Now, if you're easily scared you might not want to look back at these... We're starting off October with part one of an edible (of sorts?) two-part monthly theme. This month, it's all about Horror Foods. Flashbacks to being told to "eat your vegetables" sold separately.
Now, if you dare find out the terror that awaits this month, head on over to the Freebies Tent for your dose of healthy (and maybe yucky...) food selections!

That is not all however! The Premium Shop has of course renewed its stock as well. These Saharma look peaceful enough, and with all the spook that awaits you as Halloween approaches, we reckon that might be a good thing. Just look into their beautiful eyes and you'll immediately feel at ease!


Nice new adopts! I like them!

The Saharma looks so cool! I LOVE that purple one! :3
I can't lie, I wish Chip's shiny colors were canon, they're so good X3 Shiny Alder also has to be my fav, all my fav colors in one :D Overall super cute monthlies this year, a great set to mark the 10th year! ^^

And I'm really curious to see what this month's gonna be like o3o Since the next two months are kinda known to be food oriented (October being Halloween & candy, and November with Thanksgiving and OHGOD all the turkey!, I'm eager to see how both months tie in. TIME TO SPECULATE!
My Soulkeeper Plushie children, I love them... o.o
Aaaah, those Saharma! And I have no sbc! :'( But at least I have a month to work on it. :)
vegetables adopts ;)
my gosh, i love the new monthlies and the theme for this month!

buuut, i LOVE those saharma! <3 look how adorable they are! aaaah! <3
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Sunday July 22 2018 5:56 am
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