If you haven't heard yet, the theme for our tenth birthday celebration is "memories". You're currently earning plastic easter eggs from Crowley, and I'm sure those meteorite fragments you're all collecting will all be useful in the future!

To help you remember some of the great times we've had here over the last ten years, we thought we'd do something we've never, ever, done before. We have re-added all the cash shop adoptables to the shops for you to purchase and collect. Many of these are no longer available in trades because the users with them have left the site, so now if your chance to grab some of those adoptables you remember but don't own!

You can access the 10th birthday memory shop through the Carnival, or by clicking here. Any eggs in the shop still hatch and work like they originally did (some have been removed due to mechanics that no longer work). All adoptables purchased will have the gold cash shop medal signifying that they are second edition cashies.


Okay! I thought they had something to do with timing, but I didn't remember how exactly it worked. Thanks Phanny!
alisa, they hatch after 3 days, but they can hatch into more adopts after 3 days if they have a certain level. i think it was 1k level for 3.
i don't if this is for the darkstitch bag, the willo and the parasaur too, but it should be for those that can give an unpainted version.
What level do the cashie eggs hatch at?
This is so awesome!! I was trying to hold on to my $BC but I might have to buy something. After all, my last wishlist adopt is a Cashie. :3
Hmm, maybe I will ask Cyde is we can have it in a leeeeetle longer than 2 weeks, because I'm just in a darn good mood!
Thanks for the memories, I just spent 8000 $BC. (I finally got to remove those Swiftwings that have sitting on my wish list for several years.)
Okay, I couldn't resist anymore and got an Angry Kitty
My jaw straight up dropped when I saw this amazing news update, it's like a dream coming true! Having a chance to get Cashies that feel like a far&away dream, even with the help of Golden Eggs & Capsules around. It's a surreal sight to see and I'm glad the Staff took something like this into consideration!

Now we're always encouraged to leave comments/feedback in news posts, so as to help encourage/improve on the site, so I also have to be honest...

It's also essentially a gift that can only apply to those who can afford it, and in such small time.
2 Weeks sounds like a painfully short amount of time for people to buy/trade for $bc to get the adopts they want.

Because I'm scarcely on the trading scene, I'm mostly viewing this from the standpoint of someone having to currency-swap with someone or paying real $ for $bc myself, and having calculated all the Cashies I would've loved to purchase, it's crazy how much I'd have to spend in 2 weeks. I only have 990 $bc on hand, and I sincerely doubt I could possibly sell enough of my duplicate adopts for $bc to reach my goal in 2 weeks, and I couldn't throw a reasonable budget out the window and spend $300+ on adoptables.

If I had to pinpoint a kind of adoptable I would want to buy at the very least, I would say a full set of Decade Cylins because they've been on my mental cylin wishlist for quite some time, but even then, a full set's a steep price of 6,500 $bc, which feels like a feat in of itself

I know one counterpoint would be to simply not buy. I can always wait for people to sell/trade them, or try my luck with Golden Capsules, which is a fair point. but honestly, I feel like a majority of people buying from this shop will be getting their dream adopts and have no intention to sell again later.
I suppose there may be some users out there rich enough to buy a lot of old adopts and sell them off later, but if that's not the case, those who don't purchase their old dream adopts now may still have a very scarce time obtaining them later.
It doesn't help that the news post itself acknowledges that a lot of adoptables in this shop are hardly around anymore due to inactive members. It further gives the pressure to get them now while you still can.
As for the golden capsule, that's fair game, if I had a means of consistent income I could properly budget getting those once or twice a month, but the tradeoff of having to risk a 1/477 chance in getting one of the adopts I'm looking for, and praying it isn't a cashie I already have, or a duplicate I've already hatched and may be a hard sell depending on demand.

I don't know, if you don't have the money, sell off adoptables, which may be hard because lately it feels like almost EVERYTHING in the marketplace is selling for $bc, indicating everyone wants $bc already. If you don't have the adopts, or not making the $bc fast enough, spend on real cash. If you don't have the money, all you can do is feel depressed because you're wasting a really good opportunity.

I feel bad that I'm practically looking at a gift horse in the mouth, but for me, it's a gift that for my wishlist would require 17,640 - 32,300 $bc in 2 weeks, and it's hard to feel hyped up for that :c

I'm so sorry this comment got super long, but it's a big update, and I guess something like that would give me a lot to think about. PleaseDon'tHateMe ;w;
I'm so tempted to buy one but I've been trying to save up my $BCs for something else.
If only I could actually get black caps from Oh well. Nothing for me here.
oh my cactus, UPs and Inkkitties and my Vante Chualing!! Now to actually get some $BC... :/
Amazing! Thanks for doing this!
woah, awesome! i can get the cashies i had on my wishlist this way AND possibly finish my new goal! thank you!
Cashie Eggs are the best part about this.
Woo, that is something memorable, thanks a bunch :)
"now if your chance"
You mean "is", right? XD
The shop will be up for 2 weeks.
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Sunday July 22 2018 5:55 am
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