Need some motivation for the current QA Hunt? Why not try and get your hands on these delicious Banana Split Kitzi? If you stop by Quality Assurance, you just might catch a glimpse of their sweetness!

And just like you guys, some critters absolutely love sweets. The Hedgehaughty, cousin of the Porcutepine, has been rolling around in the Cash Shop since yesterday on its hunt for treats. Maybe you can tame them with a few cookies?
And speaking of cashies, if you haven't paid attention to newspost comments in previous news, there is a smol chance for the Anniversary Sale to be extended... Fingers crossed!


hedgehaughty, nice name X3
These are cute! Also, I think an extension on the Memories shop would be a really good idea, it could allow more chance for people to get their paychecks/allowance/magically-appearing-money xD I know I would buy more of the cashies if the shop was around an extra week or two.
Ha, saw the Hedgehaughty before the news post *win*

also, smol chance? yay
Haha, Banana Split Kitzi. x3 They're nice!

The Hedgehaughty is cute. :3
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Sunday July 22 2018 5:56 am
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