If you can appreciate natural* species dimorphism, look no further than the Polar Buuri, a fusion of the Polar Wuri and the Buusa, where the females sport a slightly less colourful fur than the males. In order to see for yourself, just pick up some Species Eggs from the Freedom Forest.

*(Or is it? I mean they ARE experiments...)


but then assigning our own genders to the adoptables crashed the party :D
These are absolutely adorable <3

Also thanks so much for the huge extension on the cashies!
Super cute!
i'm happy for the cashie re-release to last until end november! <3 enough time to save up for some cashies!
and, sorry guys if this experiment set is so huge XD but i hope they keep you all busy!
Oh thank goodness it's been extended. I'm trying to gather some money for $BC. I was worried I won't make it in time.
Such cute experiments ^^ And it's awesome that the Cashie re-release has been extended :D
Oblivion Flower
That fusion is great! OwO
Aaaand because I forgot to add this in the excitement, the Anniversary Cashie Re-Release has been extended! You can take advantage of this generous offer until the end of November ^^
Oh wow, they're so cute!
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Sunday July 22 2018 5:56 am
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