Come one come all, and check out the debut of our latest team addition, the artist FireRose! It seems only fitting to release something that she drew and got approved on stream, so have a look at the Kuzel. This long furry scarf is now available in the various adoptable shops.

As an added bonus, we had some volunteers pick pricing and rarity. Because Kija likes to get you guys involved sometimes ;D

Furthermore, the Click Forest hosts a new type for you to hunt, the Draygon Puff. Like last time, we made sure its release fits right into the schedule of the Puff Hunt!

And this might be the closest you'll ever get to a Toothless Puff

Last but not least, if you failed to pay attention to recent newspost comment developments, or simply need a reminder, you'll be happy to hear that the sale in the 10th Birthday Memories shop has been extended until the end of November. For your convenience, Cyde has added a countdown to the shop page, so plan accordingly!


Congrats, FireRose! :D The Kuzels look so fluffy and soft! *o*

And I'm really glad for the Memories Shop extension ;w; Thank you Cyde, Quetzal!
Congratulations to you FireRose! Those Kuzels are beauties :)
Yay! FireRose adopts!! :D And congrats to you again ^^
Thank you guys! I hope you enjoy them!
Congrats, Fire! Those Kuzel are pretty cute c:
my gosh, those shop adopts is amazing <3 love the floof!

and i like the puffs too! dwagons!
Whee! Yay to everything, especially the extension on the 10th Birthday Memories shop. XD Actually, I rather like the first two colors on the Kuzel and their look. They are amusing looking. They remind me of a cross between a ferret and a squirrel. I love it! Fluffy and colorful things always make me happy. Hahaha. Puffs are always good. So really this whole news post is awesome.
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Sunday July 22 2018 5:55 am
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