Happy Halloween! Did you manage to tend your Horror Foods without getting eaten alive? The October 2017 monthlies will make this Halloween one to remember. Maybe you should have finished those veggies on your plate after all...

Still, bracing those vegetables means you deserve to indulge! Our second part of the food monthly theme features Favourite Foods. You deserve a treat after surviving this trick, so check out the Freebies Tent for some food that is so bad for you and yet so good in taste! Be it sweet or greasy, you've earned it!

There is also some additional stock in the Premium Shop. We hope you're liking the Wish Doge as much as the artist did, because she simply couldn't settle on two colour schemes. So here's five more of them to collect! Who knows, maybe these angelic dogs will help your christmas wishlist along as well...

And finally, here's your reminder: the Birthday Memories Cash Shop extension is until the end of November. If there's something you've been eyeing, don't forget to buy it! With time flying like this, you don't wanna miss the deadline.


Happy Halloween!
All the Wish Doges are so cute! I love them, especially that Mystic one. <3
Happy Halloween! I really love those Wish Doges. :D
Happy Halloween ^^
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Sunday October 21 2018 3:46 pm
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