We're trying something new with our cashies. Namely, to have artists other than Quetzal create adopts that can also have paintable versions. Two artists have been coached for a trial run to see how you guys would like it, and thus we present the first of these creations today: the Batileon.

These cashies will work like the Voracigon, so that you can either purchase the 6 individual colours, or buy the cashie egg for them and hatch all 6 as well as the Unpainted version. You can find these guys and the egg in the Cash Shop. So the choice is yours!

Please note the following: as the Batileon Egg and its hatches follow the Cash Shop Cycle and will be removed, the Egg does not count towards Collection, meaning you can still spend the same amount as before and get everything you need for Collection if you are so inclined.


Soooo cute! Oh, there's even a lavender one! <3
They are indeed very cute!
Those are awesome Eggy!
Aw, these are super cute!!
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Sunday October 21 2018 4:56 pm
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