Great work everyone! Through your combined efforts, we've harnessed the power of over 50'000 meteorite fragments! Stick with us through this final blast from the past, where we are paying the Founders that are resting in Grimhaven a visit.

This will be your chance to catch up on points as well, as you will be given a choice by each founder whether you want a small, easy task, or perhaps a more challenging, more rewarding task. If you can finish the tasks in time you'll receive 5 or 15 points respectively, so give it your all!

Please note that, while there are tasks involving posts in the CB or forum, the site rules still apply. Don't necro or spam! You are given plenty time for either version of this task, so just strike up conversation normally! Since everyone will be busy with similar tasks down the road, you're sure to make your targets naturally. Let's all enjoy the final memory!

Now head on over to The Nexus of Space and Time to get started!


There's 9 different tasks but only 6 founders. They randomly give you tasks.
Does the one you ask for a task matter? Like do they all give from the same overall list, or do they have their own individual lists of tasks they can ask from?
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Sunday October 21 2018 4:33 pm
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