Beware the bears! The Feragic Puffs have made their way into the Click Forest. Be sure to catch them at an opportune moment.

There's also some new additions to the Mystery Egg from Puzzle Pieces. Expect to see more familiar sights in different colours, but, of course, also a new version here and there. Happy hatching!

As you may have noticed, Community Goals for the on-going event have been scrapped. Golden Eggs have already been added, and you can now additionally win the third Cylin for this memory. Keep giving your all for the Timekeeper and Spacekeeper!


I have so much fun during streams <3 I hope to be able to do some streaming in December ^^

I also love the new puffs :D They are so cute! ^^
WISH KITY VULPAW! I was wondering when this was getting released! I remember the stream when it was drawn! Still want more. XD

Wish Kity forever!
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Sunday October 21 2018 3:48 pm
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