Last week's Army Competitions were won by: Shisei (Normal Army), cinsangel45 (Trader Army), and TARDISGirl78 (Collector Army). Congratulations!

This weeks adoptables are the Trutail (Thief) (Normal Army), Maruchi (Holly) (Trader Army), and Battime Cylin (Partier) (Collector Army).

Head on over to the Army Competition to see how many you have!


o: I'm in the top running for am army competition, this has never happened before(perhaps because the trutail (thief) was my first army lol) awesome~ and thanks to Blank for the huge donation that got me most of my numbers.
But the army competition has always ended at this exact time.
I feel so lied to, I thought we had another day u.u
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Sunday October 21 2018 4:59 pm
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