Need some motivation to keep clicking? The Bombpup Cylin has been sighted in the Click Exchange. Approach with care, lest your face go up in scratches and smoke!

Meanwhile, Crowley has still not learned his lesson about letting the dead rest. In an attempt to make use of the fossilized remains of some Dinomon, he somehow ended up summoning their spirits. Liberate the Ghostly Dinomon from the eggs in the Freedom Forest today!

The Star Shroom Shindig has reached over 10k a few days ago, and the Star Shroom is finally available over at Quality Assurance. Now you finally get to see the Yeek that were teasing you in Crowley's tablets!


Oh hey my Bombpup cylin! :D

Which means a new adoptable to army. OH BOY.
Oblivion Flower
Yay for the Yeeks! And I love the idea behind the Ghostly Dinomon!
Star Shroom sounds great!
holy kris2
My favorite cylin of all time
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Sunday October 21 2018 4:10 pm
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