Thank you all for your help in retrieving the memories of the Soulkeeper. Both teams have done well. A total of 157,747 memory fragments were recovered, and the Timekeeper team has released the greater amount. Trophies will be awarded in approximately a month, and meteorite fragments no longer have a use.

We have gathered a lot of insight about the chaos that sprang forth from her, corrupting many places and depriving it of life itself to fester her abominations. By seeing for ourselves what these meteorite shards kept secret, we sense much anger and despair, with restless spirits abound. Naturally, we consider it our duty to lay some of these lost souls to rest. It may not be much, but every bit of kindness is its own reward.

We've arranged for shrines to be placed on your profiles, hoping that you will pay tribute and respect to the fallen ones, so that they may find peace. It is up to you you how you decorate your shrine, and you may obtain offerings for the dead from your local Fortune Teller or the Altar of the Moon. The choice is yours. If you bring these offerings to your friends' shrines, you may occasionally be blessed with a little more than a peaceful silence. Please take a few moments to appreciate the lives that are no more.

(This event runs until the 3rd of December. You must visit your shrine to activate it, after which 100 offerings can be placed there from other users. Offerings can be bought with BC or earned by trading in adoptables. Each time a user makes an offering they have a chance to win a special ghost adoptable. There is "bad luck protection" enabled on this event, with increasing odds every time you don't win something, increasing to an almost guaranteed chance after 20 attempts. When your shrine has 100 offerings, you can visit it again to clear the offerings, earning a Sugar Skull Wishee. You can find shrines to visit on the users online, or ask your friends in the chatbox and the forums! Have fun!)


Event was a decent idea, but with luck being the way it is, I did not enjoy it in the slightest. Watching some people get great ghost after great ghost was not fun.
This is a super fun event! All these ghost adopts!
Oblivion Flower
This event is epic. Epic, epic, epic.

Also, wow! I love these events so, so much, the Sugar Skull Wishee are actually brilliant, and those ghosts! I love this far too much >w
To access your shrine go to your profile then click your shrine
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Sunday October 21 2018 3:42 pm
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