Hark now, while you're enjoying the spirited event, do not forget that The 10th Anniversary Cash Shop closes up at the end of November. This gives you a little more than 2 weeks to stock up on any cashie you might have missed out in the last 10 years. There's no telling if this opportunity will arise again, so if there's anything you've had your eye on, go head over there now, lest you regret not taking advantage of this extended offer.

Wanna know another good reason for safely depositing your black_small.gif$BC over there? The Ferrrates are plundering any unprepared visitor heading to the Shops. You'd best watch out or you'll get looted too!
Spreaking of looted, pricings, shops and rarity have been picked by 8 quick volunteers!

Speaking of unforeseen surprises, as it turns out the freebie link from the emails you all got (informing you about this event) did initially not work. Our apologies! It definitely works now, so if you haven't already, go pick up your free offerings now!

Now if all of this was a bit much, why not take some time to process things while looking for the Clownfish Kiro over at the Lost & Found? You'll be glad you did when you meet your new best buddy!


I forgot to insert the html but I think you know how to find your way there, no? XD
Umm. I think the Lost & Found link is broken.
Oh my gosh, pirate ferrets!! <3
Thank you!!!
They're super cuuuute! *o*
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Sunday October 21 2018 4:36 pm
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