As promised, here's our second hatchable cashie set by an artist other than Quetzal. This also marks FireRose's first cashie set!
Has the reign of the Inkkitt ended, or will its relationship to the Droopup not be like that of cats and dogs? These adorable friend-shaped ink puppies are now available in the Cash Shop. Grab your herd of loyal and sticky buddies today!

Like last time, you can get the unpainted version by hatching the egg, or you can simply purchase whichever regular coloured version you like from the shop. And like last time, the egg won't count for collection, so you won't spend more than you would have with the old system. Let us know how you feel about these cashie changes!


Waaaa they're amazing~! Really nice set FireRose :D
Inkitt, Droopup.

You guys are your pets...sometimes you need to give them a bath.

For real though, they look great. Hoping I can find the caps to buy the egg.
Oh my goodness! I so want one of these oAo They're so adorable aaaaaah
Thank you so much guys! <3
Oh goodness! They're adorable! ;_; Congrats on your first cashie set FireRose! I've always been a fan of your art, thank you for these lovely cashies!
these are amazing! well done firerose! ^^
I nicknamed them Corginks, because look at dat corgi loaf butt. XD
They look super cute! :D Well done! ^^
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Sunday October 21 2018 5:17 pm
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