Are we reaching puff-ception? The Kounix Puffs are out and about in the Click Forest. Can the puffs tell them apart from their actual predators? Can you? And just in time for the Puff Hunt!

Also, we're still in the midst of looking for names for Crowley's strange adopts coming from the Crystals. Check the General Discussion Forum for the 3 threads outlining the 3 evolution paths and get your names and votes in! Once names are set, we'll be looking for descriptions, and following that, we're gonna see how to get our hands on them!


They're so cute Skully!!
Puff eating puffs, how nice c:
Ooh lots of new puffs, cool :o
Those are some cool looking Kounix Puffs!!! Thank you!!!
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Sunday October 21 2018 3:43 pm
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